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Discover the unique art of self empowerment...

About Us

MysticIndian is a tribute to the ancient saints of India, collectively known as the Maharishis (‘Maha’ meaning great,  and ‘Rishi’ meaning saint). In today’s world, scientists spend their time researching in a laboratory. These holy saints were spiritual scientists who spent much of their time in forests in deep contemplation and meditation. They ultimately raised their consciousness and were able to research and access a variety of divine tools and methods for mankind to alleviate his suffering. These universal findings were passed down by word of mouth to their disciples and, later on, documented in texts knowns as sutras and samhitas. It is only because of their selfless love and regard for all of us that these ancient sciences are available to us today.

Our key objectives are:

Inspired by the selfless work of the Maharishis,MysticIndian is committed to run this online spiritual project with a particular focus on empowering and enriching without any exploitation.

To promote predictive sciences (eg Nadi Readings and Vedic Astrology) for the benefit of individuals, giving them full access to services which enable them to reach their spiritual and material goals.

To offer remedial services in order to lift the karmic baggage we come into this world with. Our priests are fully qualified and sincere, with appropriate training to ensure any rituals undertaken are done so in accordance with the law as laid out in our ancient scriptures. The majority of these services are carried out at our services centre in south India, whilst others are done at ancient temples all around the country.

about-imgTo offer genuine articles such as rudrakshas, yantras, talismans. The majority of these are made specifically for individuals and are energised (in a process known as pran-pratishta) before dispatch, hence increasing the vibrations for the recipients.

All our services are genuine and offered at reasonable prices for our clients based all over Europe, Asia, USA and India. MysticIndian is attaining global market presence with a growing list of satisfied customers to whom discounted services and products are offered via our newsletter every month.

MysticIndian sees the provision and access to the aforementioned services as a privilege. However, it must be noted, we are only an instrument and although everything is carried our with pure intentions and utmost sincerity, we simply cannot guarantee results. From experience we can say that when you make an effort to take control of your destiny, the cosmos bends your way does its best to accommodate you. However, there are too many variables at play when it comes to the discussion of karma and we can only do what we feel is right, leaving the fruits of our actions to the will of the Divine.MysticIndian – Discover the unique art of self empowerment…

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