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Rudraksha beads are known as the Jewels of the Gods and are able to give you all you want; health, abundance and happiness. They are actually berries which are obtained from the Rudraksha Tree (ELAEOCARPUS GANITRUS ROXB)  found in South East Asia. Research has shown them be a major stress reliever, reducing the circulatory problems and inducing spiritual growth and self-empowerment.

The beads have different clefts or faces which are known as ‘mukhis’. These may vary from 1 to 21. Ancient Saints found that even wearing these beads gave them protection, a tremendous amount of tranquillity, peace and concentration that helped them meditate for a long periods of time.

Our Rudrakshas are absolutely genuine and come straight from their sources in Indonesia, Nepal and India.

A yantra is an energised talisman which allows its wearer or worshipper to tune into the unseen universal cosmic energy. These mystical devices, once they are correctly energised and thereby invoking their presiding deity, are powerful enough to send out vibrations to support the intention of its owner.

Our Yantras are inscribed on a metallic plate with mystical designs as prescribed by the ancient scriptures and secret texts of India. They are all energised by our priests who will chant over them over a certain number of days to “programme” and energise them accordingly. This process is called ‘pran pratishta’ and matches the frequency of the yantra with the name and birth details of its potential owner. All yantras come with full instructions.

Amulets and Talismans have been used for thousands of years and their power has been recognised by thousands of different cultures. Our Amulets and Talismans contain positive divine energy and their sole purpose is to attract benefits and blessings from the angels for their owners. All of these are attuned to the natural laws and frequencies of the cosmos and endowed with holy words from the creator. Although many of these products make wonderful jewellery, there is no denying the blessings they allow the wearer to experience.

Our talismans are created and charged by our own dedicated mystic on a full moon in accordance with an original 4000 year old secret formulae. All are fully empowered and then dispatched with full knowledge that they are about to change the life of the person receiving them.

This section contains tried and tested good luck charms from different cultures around the world. Some of these items are just seen as lucky while others have the unusual ability to bring good fortune. Many of these have the power to ward off bad luck.

These charms bring you spiritual positive energy. We also offer tried and tested spells which can help you get what you want and lead a luck-filled and positive life.

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