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Nadi Astrology

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    If by merely looking at your thumb print, a total stranger from South India accurately told you your name, the names of your parents and spouse, your birth date, career details, any periods of suffering and then predicted your future, what would you say? How would you feel if all this information was available on an old bundle of palm leaves written thousands of years ago by an Indian saint? You would probably dismiss it has being some kind of hoax or deception. Perhaps you’d settle for it to be the work of a psychic or lucky shot in the dark?

    The truth is, this mind boggling and logic defying process is actually an ancient Indian Science, known as Nadi Jotisham.  Give us your thumb print and we will tell you your past, present and future!

    Your thumbprint holds the key to the answers of some of the most common questions:

    • What is my true purpose in life?
    • Why am I suffering?
    • How can I maximise my spiritual and material potential?
    • What remedies should I perform to alleviate my suffering?
    • When will my problems come to an end?
    • What does destiny have in store for me?
    • How can I lead a fulfilling existence?

    Destiny itself has brought you to here, this is no accident or coincidence. It has been said that only when the time is right will a person seek out their palm leaf. Only a small percentage of the people in the world are likely to have their palm leaves found and read. Are you one of these lucky few?

  • The Ancient Saints of India

    The very word Nadi in Tamil means ‘destined’. It has thMaharishi Agastyaerefore been stated that destiny has specific and unique leaves waiting for individuals who will, one day, consult them. ‘Nadi’ is a collective name given to palm-leaf manuscripts written by ancient Indian saints and sages (known as the Maharishis) thousands of years ago. These holy men had developed mystical powers due to their penance and had the ability to look into the past and future of mankind, the Earth and the Universe. For the Earth and the Universe, they documented various changes and cycles in time. For mankind, they predicted the characteristics, family history, the careers and even the ages of the innumerable individuals who would consult the holy leaves. The process of searching for one’s leaf and having a consultation is known as Nadi Astrology or Nadi Jotisham.

    The Maharishi’s work

    Studies indicate that Nadi Astrology has been in use for at least 4000 years. The Maharishi’s work was probably first written on animal skin, bark and then transferred to palm leaf scrolls in Sanskrit, the predominant language of ancient India and later on translated into an ancient Tamil script known as vatteluttu, preserved by adding an oil extract from peacock blood. The translation system appears to be part of some tutorial exercises set by the sages for their pupils, who were given the task of organising the horoscopes, indexing them by the type of the native’s thumb print (according to the system, there are 108 different types of categories of thumb print). Vatteluttu can only be deciphered today by specially trained Nadi astrologers.

    The Modern age

    There are many myths, stories and legends that surround these sacred and holy leaves.  One such story says that in year 1540 the Muslim moguls invaded the state of Tamil Nadu and found the ancient leaves in the confines of a King’s palace in Tanjor. The bundles of leaves were of little importance to the Muslims at that time. They didn’t understand the language in which they were written, or the rich, spiritual heritage that was so carefully inscribed in these fragile leaves. Consequently, orders were given for them to be destroyed. A library in which the leaves were kept was therefore burned. However, prior to this command being undertaken, Maharishi Agastya appeared in a dream to an astrologer and ordered him to go and save these precious spiritual manuscripts. He gave the astrologer a boon for success for his and his family’s lives for many generations to come if the task was successfully undertaken. The astrologer obeyed, found all the leaves and recognized the sanctity of his find. According to legend, he and his subsequent lineage of generations protected the leaves in the interests of humanity and even today, allow access to the leaves for individuals who are interested in a reading.Nadi leaves

    The British also came to know of the Nadi leaves and set about to acquire them because of the depth of medical, scientific and spiritual wisdom they held. Some of the leaves even detailed modern scientific inventions. However, while the British were interested in the scientific information, and took some back to keep (some are on display in the Victoria Albert Museum in London) they luckily left all the other leaves related to astrology in Tamil Nadu and auctioned the others off to priests living in Tamil Nadu. As time passed there were other astrologers who recognized the value of the leaves and also wanted to participate in Nadi Astrology. They copied some of the leaves, took them to their particular villages and shared them with other astrologers. It is for this reason that there are incomplete collections of leaves scattered all over India, the majority being found in South India in a place called Vaitheeswaran Koil.

    Nadi Leaves today

    The contents of the leaves are not only for Indian nationals but also for seekers belonging to other countries and religions. They are found not just in India, but in Sri Lanka, Tibet and Nepal. Although the leaves are written for a few destined individuals, it is worth consulting them for a new turn of life.

    With just your thumb print, and some basic elimination questioning, the astrologer can identify the palm leaf containing your current life, future destiny and offer guidance and solutions. The readers themselves are not pshychic, nor do they have any special powers of foresight. They belong to generations of readers who have spent their lives undergoing special training to offer this service to mankind.

    The need for Nadi Astrology

    There are many reasons why a person would like to consult the holy leaves. Many of us are suffering and need to understand why. We are desperate to know how long our bad period will last. A few of us have future plans in mind and may be lucky enough to receive some instructions from the leaves, giving us some kind of direction. Generally, many of us are curious to experience this supernatural and mentally inconceivable phenomenon. In all cases, the consultation with the Maharishi’s work gives a person some degree of closure, almost like a form of therapy. By authenticating the past, the Nadi leaves explain the reasons behind a current situation and thus provides evidence for the Law of Karma. Nobody can escape this law, but with the grace of the Almighty, certain suggested remedies in the reading can help soothe suffering  from the past and speed up the painful journey going forward.

    It is very important to note that the Maharishis are not interested in providing a person with a psychic reading or some kind of fairground fortune telling! Their selfless work centuries ago was carried out with the sole interest of the spiritual evolution and mental transformation of mankind. Their intention lies only in us reaching our highest potential and recognising our own divinity. This will only be possible when we have dealt with the past, understood the current time and live our futures with a degree of sensitivity to the Karmic Law. When we begin to ensure our every thought, word and deed is infused with love, peace, truth, righteousness and non-violence, it is at this point  the Maharishis will know that their work is not in vain and will happily shower their grace and blessings on us for a happy and peaceful life.

    Your Reading – The process

  • 1.Your thumb impression.

    The consultation process starts with a thumb print submission – right thumb for males and left thumb for females. It is useful to print your thumb impression twice or three times from the inkpad on the same piece of paper for enhanced clarity of your lines. This will be forwarded onto our MysticIndian team in South India who will begin looking in the Nadi library for bundles that match your thumb impression type. There are 108 various kinds of thumb impressions so this is a process which could take a few days or even weeks. At this stage, we will need your email address and thumb impression only.

    When a match is found, we will contact you via email to let you know we have a potential bundle.

    2. The leaf search

    This is the most exciting part of the process and is absolutely free. After the confirmation of the bundle has been made, we will contact you and set a mutually convenient time for you to be online. A conversation will take place over Skype and you will be able to see our reader and the translator. Although Skype is preferred, we can also arrange to do this process over the telephone.

    The reader will have a number of bundles before him. One of these bundles may contain your leaf and we will need to locate it. In order to find the correct leaf, the reader will ask you a series of questions to which you will need to simply  answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Some of the questions may seem irrelevant. Some questions could be repeated. All he is doing is reading the first line of the leaf before him. If you answer ‘yes’ he will continue. If ‘no’ he will move on to the next leaf in the bundle. This process could take just two minutes if by coincidence he has your leaf in front of him or it could take up to an hour. Here is part of an actual conversation between the reader and one of our clients during his reading (names have been changed to protect identity):

    Reader: You are the only child
    Client: No
    Reader: This is not your leaf. Next question. You were born in the month of June
    Client: No
    Reader: This is not your leaf. Next question. Your mother’s name starts with the letter ‘c’
    Client: Yes
    Reader: You are a doctor by profession:
    Client: No
    Reader: This is not your leaf either.

    The conversation continued like this for about 10 minutes. During this time, there were some questions asked which appeared as though the reader was trying to extract information from the client. However,  he is just reading the first line of the main leaf. Then, suddenly:

    Reader: Your father married twice
    Client: Yes
    Reader: Your birth mother passed away
    Client: Yes
    Reader: Her name was Barbara
    Client: YES!
    Reader: Your name is Alan
    Client: YES!
    Reader: You have a degree in engineering and are in the computing field
    Client: YES!
    Reader: You have three children. Two boys and a girl
    Client: YES!
    Reader: Your father’s name is Michael? Wife’s name is Patricia?
    Client: YES!

     The reader will then tell the client that his leaf is found and he is ready to move onto the next stage. There will be things that the reader will ask you which will astound you because these are things that he could not have possibly known.

    3. Get your reading

    If you are happy to consult the leaves, get a reading and hear what predictions the Ancient Saints are making about you, along with the remedies to clear any blockages of your spiritual and material growth, you will now need to sign up for an account on our website (www.MysticIndian.com). We will send you a link via email to complete the transaction for the reading and to collect payment of $120. If you are not interested in this particular service, you are under no obligation to take it any further.

    4. Transcribing and Translating the leaf

    The final stage is done in the absence of the client. Payment has been received and the reader will begin his work.

    The leaf that the reader used to obtain your details was the index leaf. He will now find the actual bundle which is linked to your index leaf and will start to decipher the ancient Tamil script, Vatteluttu, into modern day Tamil. Since the original is written in the form of a poem, great care is taken to ensure that the context of what has been said by the Maharishi is conveyed across to the client. The conversion of Vatteluttu to Tamil and then again from Tamil to English by the translator is done as carefully as possible so the essence of the Maharishi’s words are not diluted or lost.

    During this translation, the Maharishi may suggest some remedies to undo the ill affects of past actions. This may include visits to temples, small donations towards feeding the sick, poor or elderly. You may be asked to pray to a particular deity on a particular day. In some cases the requests are quite bizarre and may even include a gift to be made to the reader. It is entirely at your discretion to follow these remedies. In many cases these can be done in temples local to you, but where there are specific instructions given in the reading (example a visit to a particular temple or feeding at a particular place) we can help you with that. In some cases, there may be an instruction to arrange for a puja (ritual) before a copper plate for a certain number of sacred mantras to be chanted for a certain number of days. Again, this is something that we can arrange on your behalf.

    The translation of the reader’s notes from your leaf will be recorded on an mp3 and sent to you via email. You are warmly invited to come back to us with any questions or queries about your reading or about the remedies, should you decide to act upon them.

    Begin the process today

  • To initiate the procedure, please send us the details below. At this stage, we are only interested in your surname for reference purposes and to avoid confusion in our communication. The Nadi leaves tend to identify seekers by their first names, which we don’t need from you just yet.

    Please remember to upload the image from the correct thumb; left thumb for ladies and right thumb for men. The print must be clear, like the image seen here, preferably in black or blue ink so that the lines and contours can be seen clearly. If it is not clear, we will ask you to resend.

    Your surname *

    Your Email *

    Thumb Print *

    Once submitted, and your bundle is found, we will be in touch with mutually convenient dates and times to find the bundle in which your leaf is located. This could take a matter of weeks.

    The Remedies

  • The role of the remedial measures

    The remedies suggested by the Maharishi in your palm leaf reading will help you in one or more key areas:

    1) Your career
    2) Financial issues
    3) Relationship problems or progeny 
    4) Mental or physical health
    6) Education
    7) Spiritual goals

    The remedies suggested in your reading are divine tools. No one is quite sure how they actually work, but its possible that by performing the remedies with a pure heart, our karmic ‘baggage’ is lessened and we begin to attract the blessings of divine entities who are but facets of the omnipotent and omnipresent one. 

    The Great Saints of Ancient India had the ability to know how and and why a seeker would be suffering at a given point in his or her life. He could therefore look at the seeker’s birth chart and suggest some actions which would either strengthen ‘good planets’ to strengthen their effect on your life or weaken the ‘malefic planets’ to reduce the any negativity. No one is above the law of karma; what we sow we must reap. However, by seriously following the remedies with a pure heart and with devotion, one can create favourable changes in life. As mentioned before, the Maharishi is not really interested in giving you worldly and sensual pleasures. These things bind us to the circle of life and death. His role is to help us evolve spiritually so we can live in the world, but not be attached to it. The Ancient Saints were wise enough to know that it was only when man was given what he wanted, that he would actually begin to want what the Saints had come to give us! What have the saints come to give us? Atma Jnana or Self realisation! This is only possible when our karma from the past is wiped clean and we are sensitive to the effects of selfless thoughts and actions in the present and future.

    Types of remedies

    The remedies suggested can be in any one or more of the following forms:

    Mantra - This is the recitation of a particular sound repeatedly. Each mantra has the ability to generate a vibration that either synchronises with the vibration of a deity or resonates with a particular region of the body. In any case, mantras have the ability to affect us from the subtle and physical levels. The mantra can be chanted by you or by a priest who will do it on your behalf in the prescribed way.

    Tantra - is the ritualistic aspect of worship. It may involve something as simple as lighting a lamp daily or it can be as complex as donating a cow to a poor farmer in India. As stated before, some rituals are strange such as donating razor blades or baby clothes to the reader. In most cases there will be a suggestion for a certain type of ritual by a priest to be done for a certain number of days. However, there can be no logic to some of the suggestions, so little time should be spent in analysing these.

     - is a special type of talisman. It can be in the form of a sheet of metal with some mystical symbols etched on it. It is often kept for a certain number of days (minimum 44 days) in a special place with offerings of various kinds made to it along with mantras to energize it and evoke positive energies. Yantras can be worn on the body, kept in a purse or wallet or on a special alter in the home. As they are ‘linked’ to the recipient, they will work for him or her only and play their part in removal of obstacles and  obtaining blessings. 

    Temple Visits – are another why to gain blessings from the divine and to remove blockages to our suffering.

    The statues within the temple are pran-pratishtha or energized with the vibration of the deities they represent. You may be asked to to a special archana or prayers in which you can approach the priest to help you. Electricity exists everywhere but its presence is only known due to the lightbulb. In the same way, God is omnipresent and all knowing. However, His presence to our conditioned and immature minds can only be felt in the temple environment.  

    You may instructed to do a puja in a temple in India. Ideally, its best if you do this yourself. However, the benevolent Lord understands personal circumstances and an offering can be made by a representative on your behalf (we can also arrange for this for you).

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